Blacklist Words don`t work

I tried to write words separated by commas, I tried to write using *, I tried to write 1 word - the nightbot skips all the words and does not ban them…
Explain literally how to correctly add words to the ban list? And does he see Russian words? And how many words can a maximum be entered in a ban list?

As shown underneath the blacklist input field:

This is the list of filtered words and phrases you wish to block, entered one entry per line.

Russian words should be blacklisted fine, if not please report it here.
Not sure what the exact limit is, this might be a good reference: Blacklist number.
More info about the blacklist: Blacklist Words/Phrases - Nightbot Docs

I entered the words according to the instructions and nothing works! Do you really hold all of the idiots who leave posts on the forum? You are clearly told that all methods of administration have been used and none of them works!

As long as the blacklist is configured correctly, Nightbot does correct handle offenders. You cannot test this on your own account as your the highest userlevel, and Nightbot cannot timeout the broadcaster.

Something as


will trigger on words such as sandwhich, apple, test, testing and tester.

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