Blacklist number

can a space for blacklist words and phrases be increased? i can only add 646 words or 4372 symbols

It may not be an exact answer, but how do you need to blacklist so many words? That is quite a large amount already, i find that pretty crazy.

We set a max limit for a reason: to prevent abuse. Infinite blacklisted words or phrases would cost us a lot more CPU, which we cannot supply.

You shouldn’t need more than the amount of characters we provide, sorry.

Russian language has a big variety of abusive/vulgar words :sweat_smile:
And we have the law prohibiting the words and its derivatives in mass media and websites.
So some increase or new methods to add words and its derivatives would be nice.

Thanks anyway for the answer!

You can use the wildcard character, *, to apply filters to multiple similar words.

For example,



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