Blacklist feature is not working correctly

I was trying to add a word in blacklist and make nightbot timeout that user and send a message in chat about that, seems like its not working as it should. Nightbot timeouts the user for using that word, but its not showing the message that i wrote. Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong? My friend and i did the same thing in our own channels, its working on his channel but not in mine. How can i fix that?

Hiya, make sure the silent checkbox isn’t selected in the Blacklist options. Or is Nightbot sending a different message that you entered?

The silent checkbox is not selected. Also Nightbot is not sending any messages at all. Just timeouts that user and says the reason.

It definitely is sending messages, but you’ve either ignored the bot in chat or they are being eaten by Twitch’s antispam for whatever reason.

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