Blacklist deletes itself every time I refresh (Chrome)


Assume I want to filter out X number of words and usernames without compromising their ability to have fun. However, when I add things to my blacklist (pls don’t laugh):

{napoleon dynamite} {mclovin} {mc lovin} {rage quit} {harry potter} {voice crack} rip rekt shrekt owned pwned gg {gee gee} {geegee} ruined salt salty pjsalt mad {trolled you} lobosdied {timer} reset calebRESET restart Gaiden rage (carci_is_napoleon)

Pretty standard-fare cancer that people type on impulse and I am forever grateful that BTTV is an option here where standard Twitch chat won’t allow me to ignore users or find uninvasive ways to filter out generally benign negative crowd mentality spam. But when I refresh, the blacklist is broken and when I open it it’s just shortened to:


What causes this bug? It’s really obnoxious to have to keep copypasting this stuff from a .txt file every time I load chat before a broadcast. Was this fixed in an old version and I was supposed to update manually somewhere down the road?

Unfortunately I’m not sure why a handful of users get this bug. Typically resetting all your settings tends to fix the problem, however, so you might try that.

kk, thanks night! this plugin is awesome. where locally does bttv save the blacklist? i imagine it’s plaintext somewhere, right?

BetterTTV stores its’ settings in localstorage.

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