Billing/Invoice Question

I wasn’t sure how the billing works. I know it is 2% or lower for all transactions but how do I get billed? Do I get a bill in the mail that I need to send a check in order to pay or do I get an email with an invoice where I can pay via PayPal?

You will receive an email invoice at the end of each month, payable through paypal.

Thanks for the quick response. Why does it require my Address then if it doesn’t send the bill via mail? Also, if I can pay through PayPal, will it cost more to pay? For example, If get $1, PayPal takes 2.9% + $0.30 so that is about $0.33 and I will have $0.67 in PayPal. If that is all i get that month and you request $0.02 from me, will I need to pay a transaction fee from PayPal on top of the $0.02 fee from the donation?

With paypal the payee pays the fee, thus it is not worth it for us to invoice you unless your streamtip fee is above a certain amount.

Billing address is just a formality.

Okay, thanks for answering my questions.

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