BetterTV Chat mod timeout auto-bans the person

Whenever I click timeout BetterTV then automatically bans the user. All I want to do is time the person out.

You’re probably clicking the wrong icon. Try clicking the neighboring button instead.

I can assure you I am not clicking the wrong button. Video proof.

I don’t understand the problem. Your video showed that the user gets timed out for 600 seconds by clicking the timeout button. After you hit the timeout button the ban button becomes a “I made a mistake” button where you can unban him. You don’t need to be banned in order to be unbanned. If your unbanned while timed out the timer will be removed and you can chat again.

I really hope this makes sense.

So its supposed to ban that person then? Like the icon changes to ban? If that is what happens then I guess I misunderstood it then. I thought it banned the person.

The ban button, , will change to a unban button: after using either the the timeout button, , or the ban icon . Also read the chat, it will tell you of your action.

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