BetterTv 5 tryes whit same picture

Please i cant send to BetterTV my emote beceuse i already send 5 this week by i was sending just same image but remaked like BetterTv wanted, so what to do ?

The emotes you uploaded were against our requirements and were denied multiple times for this. Unless you are the person in the image, or have permission from that person, we cannot approve your emotes.

But now i have all things right but i cant post it because i uploaded this week 5 times emote (same emote but remaked) that suks

unfortunately we only allow 5 upload attempts per week as frequent re-uploads cause strain on our emote approval team.

From what I can tell, nowhere does it say you only get 5 upload attempts. If this is a new policy then this should be a very large highlighted disclaimer somewhere on the upload page. I was using the upload feature to preview the emote and revising the design if needed. I successfully uploaded 2 emotes and when I was working on the third emote I hit my upload limit and can’t upload my last three emotes until next week.

I find this logic to be flawed. I understand you may get server strain from the constant uploading if left uncapped, but 5 attempts is a bit low. Especially when people use the upload preview to test emote before submitting them.

If anyone runs into this issue, and I’m sure you will, try using This site lets you upload and test emotes as many times as you want.

You misread my comment. The strain is on our approval team, not the server. Every emote uploaded is checked manually by a person.

Ah, sorry about that. Makes more sense in that case.

Just to make sure I understand, is every uploaded emote manually checked or is it every submitted emote? If we upload an emote and decide we don’t like it and replace the file before we submit it, are those unsubmitted files checked as well?

The way the upload system seems to works now is that it counts every upload toward your 5 uploads per week limit regardless if you submitted it for approval or not. I successfully uploaded two emotes today, but on my third emote I got a message saying I’ve met my upload limit. I replaced the file of my second emote a few times before I submitted for approval and those unused uploads seem to have counted towards my weekly limit. So now I’ll need to wait a week before uploading the rest of my emotes.

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