BetterTTW showing other stuff as well?

Hi guys I am not sure if I’m the only one or if maybe all got this problem.
But when I add the window capture on the chat after popping it out of twitch, each time I go to see something on my browser, or if I move LoL into the area where the chat is behind.
The chat just goes behind and it shows LoL or the browser spot instead…
Is there anyway to fix this guys?

Instead of capturing BetterTTV chat in OBS or XSplit, use OBS Chat:

Wow that was quite a fast response I got xD
Anyway I know about the OBS chat and wanted to use it as well, but just hoped there were a way to get BetterTTV working instead, since it looks much cooler then the other chat program xD
But guess I’ll just use the OBS Chat instead :smile:
Anyway thanks a lot for the fast response even through I went to bed xD

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