BetterTTV wont load at all

Already tried uninstalling and reinstalling, turning off all other addons, etc.

When I load a twitch page there is no sign of BetterTTV being active, nor is the cogwheel displaying BetterTTV options.

Update: Just tried deleting my cookies/cache/etc and still not luck.

Browser and Browser Version?

same here. it was working and suddenly doesn’t work anymore.
I’ve reinstalled several times without success.

Browser: Firefox Nightly 33.0a1

Yes I’ve heard reports that it doesn’t work with the nightly build of Firefox. Not sure why though, will have to look into it more. For now I would suggest not using the Nightly builds.

Try out this version

That version isn’t working either.

Please see this screenshot:

Are you saying this only works for Firefox Nightly? Because I’m using Firefox 30.0 and it’s still not working.

Would it be possible to get an earlier version of BetterTTV (such as version 6.6) while the current version isn’t working?

Never mind I tried using the userscript with Greasemonkey instead of the add-on and it worked.

Yea Better Twitch TV won’t load at all for me either. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the extension and even tried uninstalling Firefox itself. I still don’t see any signs of it working at all. I’m using Firefox 30.

I’m having the exact same issue, I’m using google chrome. if you know how to fix it I would greatly appreciate it. been trying everything i can think of, it doesn’t even show on twitch anymore.

Any non-Firefox issues are unrelated.

I’m also able to load BetterTTV fine on Firefox.

What version of Firefox are you using?

The Nightly and Stable versions work just fine

Still not working for me at all on Firefox no matter what I try. It works on Google Chrome for me but not on Firefox. It’s weird.

I’ve also been having some issues with BetterTTV not loading either. Currently using FireFox 30.0. Will be attempting to use another Browser later on to see if the Issue also persists there.

I guess I’ll give up using this extension. I can only get it to work on Google Chrome and then I get buffering a bunch as well as Chrome seeming to hog more resources than Firefox does. I just don’t get why this extension refuses to work on Firefox for me.

If you’re having an issue with the Firefox addon, upgrade to

If that doesn’t fix the issue, disable all other Firefox addons and security software you are running. If after disabling everything BetterTTV starts working, toggle addons and security software back on slowly to figure out what is causing BetterTTV to stop working. If you find out what is causing it, let me know.