Betterttv settings not showing up

Hi, the button for the settings is not showing up.
I cleared cache and stuff still nothing so i followed your instructions and i checked javascript console on chrome and i get this error

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My BTTV settings aren’t loading either. What happened?
I already tried:

  • Disabling addons
  • Disabling Anti-virus
  • Reinstalling chrome
  • Clearing cache/cookies

Twitch changed some stuff, causing BTTV to break. We will most likely have to wait for Night to roll out a fix. In the meantime, you can join the support Discord server and watch the BetterTTV text channel for any updates on the situation.


i see. well nice to know it wasnt on my end, i was really confused. thanks for letting me know dude.

Night has just rolled out a fix for BTTV. Either refresh your pages or force a cache refresh with CTRL+F5

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Twitch has released updates for the site. The extension does not work. The extension needs updating.

yes it works now, thanks.

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