BetterTTV Pro yearly subscription?

I hate making sure I have money every month for it, it feels way better paying yearly in my opinion.
Would be amazing with an option to pay yearly (on a 12 month basis)

We don’t have a yearly option currently. I think the biggest reason why I haven’t made such a choice is my worry/paranoia that one day Twitch will just block access to this extension. It’s something they can do at any moment if they really wanted to. When paying yearly there’s an expectation that the extension will exist and work long term. Dealing with the backlash and manual refunding of tons of yearly customers would not be great for anyone involved. The worst case if we got blocked today is some users angry the extension is broken, and some who might want a refund for their current month.

Got you. Thanks anyways, still hoping for one in the future I guess :slight_smile:

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