BetterTTV on beta version of twitch

Will be on ? And when?

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this would be amazing, for some reason all twitch channels for me now default into go-twitch beta on my pc and BTTV dosent activate. oddly when i go into theater mode bttv dark/night mode kicks in. super odd

I spent the majority of my weekend working long hours to make this work. If you visit the beta site you’ll see BetterTTV now functions on it. Not everything works, and it’s very much a work in progress.

Amazing TY for your hard work good sir!

ill be the guy to say just how much we appreciate your efforts on this project

Thanks for all your hard work everything looks great so far on the beta site. I just wanted to report that the emote button Is missing however you can still see all BTTV Emotes active in chat still.

Still missing the option to show deleted messages. Is that intended?

BTTV for Twitch’s beta site is still very much in development and is missing features. Showing deleted messages is one of these features, it will be added sometime down the line

Ah okay, can’t wait for the finished version.

Btw, “Disable host mode” doesn’t seem to work anymore :frowning:

So,BetterTTV doesn’t work at all on
In Mozilla firefox :thinking:

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