BetterTTV not loading in Twitch Chat

Today I cleared all the Cookies and stuff in Google Chrome. After that, no twitch chat is loading. It keeps saying sorry, unable to connect… in the chat window.

Before the Browser Cache was cleared BetterTTV v6.8 loaded in the twitch chat window.

According to console, BetterTTV is not even trying to load.

How can I make BetterTTV load again?

Make sure you’re clearing your cookies and cache “from the beginning of time.” Otherwise Chrome doesn’t remove everything.

I cleared the Browsercache again “from the beginning of time”. Nothing changed, the problem still exists. Chat won’t load.

Twitch chat works perfectly for me at home on Chrome. Is it possible, that my corporate network at work blocks ports or anything to let Twitch chat not work?

How can I check that?

Most corporate networks do not want their employees off task at the workplace, so that is definitely a possibility.

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