BetterTTV for new twitch in Mozilla firefox

Google chrome v.7.2 last update on 05.11.17
Mozilla firefox v.7.0.29 last update on 26.09.17
How to live without full support of new twitch in firefox?:fearful:

The extension itself doesn’t get updated with features, it only downloads the version from BetterTTV’s servers. Both the firefox version and the chrome version function the same.

The chrome extension is a different version because there were issues that needed updating related to which sites BetterTTV functions on.

But when will be full support of new twitch?It came out from beta about week ago…

It is also a complete rewrite of the website and much harder to modify. Add that on to the fact that night only works on it outside of work on his weekends and it will take a bit of time to get done.

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