BetterTTV encountered an error reading chat

“BetterTTV encountered an error reading chat. The developer has been sent a log of this action. Please try clearing your cookies and cache.”

I did try doing this however BTTV is still not working.

As you can see, on the left it appears I am still connected with BTTV, just chat and stream are not.

This same problem is happening in my dashboard when I stream.

I love BTTV so much, that looking at a normal twitch page without it is nearly unbearable. And help is appreciated !!!


For anyone else having this problem:

Never mind - after an hour of trying to fix this… it is just randomly started connecting again.

I am now allowed to fix my settings and connect to chat again.


There appears to be a bug in BTTV 6.8R20 that the developer will have to fix. Basically replace all three occurrences of _roomUserModes with _roomUserLabels.

This was already addressed: