BetterTTV Emotes and Gifs not showing up in emote list

When i click on the emote list they do not show up and i’ve done everything to try and fix it and i’ve run out of ideas to try and fix it

have you made sure those emotes are shared for the current channel you are in?

Also be sure the BetterTTV Emotes & BetterTTV GIF Emotes is enabled in the settings. Also note that BetterTTV emotes and gifs don’t appear in the Twitch emote menu in the message box. They only appear in the Emote Menu (Made by Ryan Chatham) looking like this:

Both BetterTTV Emotes and Gifs are on

Edit: i uninstalled BetterTTV and cleared my cache a few times then re installed it again and the Emote Menu (Made by Ryan Chatham) Showed back up

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