BetterTTV Emote Tab Not Showing

I just installed BetterTTV 2 days ago, and so far loving it! Anyways, today I checked, the BetterTTV emote menu went missing. I have tried re-enabling and disabling it several times, however, that did not fix it. I tried removing it from my extensions, then reinstalling it, and redoing all my settings, but that didn’t work either. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Edit : I waited a day and it’s back

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same thing happened to me aswell.

I also attempted everything you did, (reinstall and enable / disable the button). This is for chrome btw.

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I cannot reproduce any issues with the emote menu at present. Ensure you’ve enabled the “Emote Menu” feature in the BetterTTV settings.

Just wanted to chime in that I too don’t have the emote menu anymore. I haven’t touched a thing, it just disappeared.

I’ve tried to turn it off then back on - it does nothing.

It’s not the first time the menu disappears, in the past it has happened but after awhile it appears again.

Now it’s closing in on 24h without the emote menu and honestly that’s one of the crucial things of bttv for me.

This doesn’t seem an isolated issue, it has to be happen to more people at the moment since I lost the menu at the same moment OP created this thread.

Edit: I have now “reinstalled” bttv but I noticed all my settings were saved. I wanted everything on default to see if it fixed. What can I delete to set it to a default status? Thanks

Edit2: Just discovered something incredible - if I click on theater mode bam, emote menu is actually there (although it’s gone if I disable the menu on settings so the settings seem to be working “as intended” at least for theater mode). Out of theater mode, is gone. Wtf? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, like I said, “reinstalling” doesn’t actually delete everything. It’s still memorizing my favorite emotes on the menu when before when reinstalling everything was erased. I browse my folders and don’t have anything “bttv” or “betterttv” or even “nightdev” to delete, after uninstalling bttv. I didn’t browse registry… I assume there’s nothing there…

Please help :frowning:

@Night On non-theater, non-dark mode, looks like the emote menu button is missing a style class with the width/height.

.chat-buttons-container #emote-menu-button { width: 38px; height: 32px; margin: 0px; }

(Which is purple though)

If you want to reset your settings you can clear your cache/cookies, for future reference.

Right. But not long ago it did reset if one reinstalled. At this point don’t really wanna clear all m cookies and cache just for this (waiting on dev’s reply to xgerhard) and although there’s ways to delete specific cookies too that’s too much work for now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you anyway. For now I’m gonna wait a bit. Something has to be wrong since the emote is working but on theater mode only.

This should be fixed now.

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Fixed indeed!! Many thanks!

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