BetterTTV emote not showing in chat?

I got my emote approved today on the BetterTTV emote site but when I try the emote command (RamuKen) in chat it does not appear. I was curious what actions can I take to fix this problem?

You need to refresh the page after an emoticon is approved, since BetterTTV only loads emoticons on page load.

I have already tried refreshing to no avail. Another other options?

Turns out it was just really slow showing up. like 5 mins after I posted it, it showed up however as a static image and not a gif

It sounds like you’re just loading the GIF slowly, rather than it being a static image. You can check the control panel to make sure the emote you uploaded is fine.

wondering if it’s just because it’s a gif. Cause every other emote that is static works but other gifs I try have the same problem either they don’t show and if they do after a long waiting time they are static. (no way 30mins down the line it has not rendered at least 2 frames :P)

You can always try clearing your cookies/cache to see if that fixes the problem. I can’t reproduce this, so it’s probably something on your end.

No one else can use it either. Defiantly not my end I think I will just deleted it and upload it again :stuck_out_tongue:

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