BetterTTV Discord Linking issues


I am having issues linking to discord ever since I’ve unlinked about a week ago,

Ever since last week, I was having issues with linking, I’ve asked Slikrick about this, he told me the system was detecting me as a fake streamer. So I started streaming again, and I got an average of 27 viewers, according to Twitch’s statistics page.
I also have about 2000 followers at the moment, so I believe I am eligible to link through discord, yet I’m still getting the error message.
I’ve streamed well over 3 times past week, have only streamed twice this week(since Monday).

I’ve tried Incognito mode, on both Chrome and Opera, aswell as a VPN.

I mean your channel stats do look suspicious so I’m not surprised. If you are legit you should just keep grinding until you can link.

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