BetterTTV Chat Bar Not Showing Up

Hi NightDev community, I have been having a problem for about two weeks now where I have BetterTTV Chat enabled, but the chat bar will not show up, only a blank area where the chat bar should be. This is happening in both Firefox and Chrome on Windows 7. BTTV is the only add-on I have on both browsers. I have cleared my cookies and cache and tried turning it off and on again, but all it does is push the Chat box, Chat Settings, Viewer List, and ‘Chat’ button upwards, leaving open a space underneath where the BetterTTV Chat bar should be. Any help is greatly appreciated.

You are signed up for bttv chat, yes?

Yes, I am signed up and BetterTTV Chat has been working perfectly fine in the past.

Try reconnecting your account…

Thank you, Teak, it worked, so simple, I should have thought of that in the first place. Okay so, I went to then I Authorized it with my Twitch account then it redirected to some weird api Twitch thing with a line of Javascript text so I just went back to and I got to the page and my BetterTTV Chat bar showed up now it’s working perfect. You are a life saver, many thanks. :smile: