BetterTTV Causing chat lag

Suddenly while watching a stream I noticed that when I tried to chat I wouldn’t see my own messages until about 10-15 seconds after I entered them. I tried to reload the stream to see if that was the issue and then the chat didn’t show up for about 10-15 seconds. I disabled BetterTTV and the chat worked fine, and had no delay. I also tried to reinstalled my chrome extension and I still had the same issue.

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Same issue here.

I’ve tried by disabled the ext. clearing cache and deleting cookies etc. enabled the ext. to have it work for 10-15 sec before delaying the chat.

Also it appears that if someone tags your name and you’ve the highlight option activated it shows the msg in red up top before you can even see it in chat.

There was a bug in some new code. It’s been resolved.

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