BetterTTV Bot only adding 3 emojis to my server?

I have BTTV Pro and got 45 shared emotes enabled on my channel, but the BetterTTV bot only adds the first 3 on the list to my Discord server.
No I haven’t hit the emoji limit (I had 4 emotes in the server prio to adding the bot), yes I have tried to: kick the bot from the server and re-adding it, clearing my chrome cache/cookies and doing the same thing, tried it in incognito mode, gave bot permission to Manage Emojis.

The bot adds :PepoDance: :clap: and :FeelsWeirdMan: but no other emotes after that on my Shared Emotes

I don’t know if the bot is also meant to add Personal Emotes aswell but none of them are in my Discord either

This is most likely due to one or more of the emotes you’re syncing being over Discord’s 256kb limit, which was breaking the sync. This should be fixed if you trigger a resync.

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