BetterTTV Beta problem

So I was going through the BetterTTV settings cog stuff where you can turn things on and off, and I saw the “Sign up for BTTV Beta (May be buggy)” and I can’t find a way to sign off it… As soon as I turned the Beta on, Whenever I typed an emote name into the chat and pressed tab to get it up it says “No Matches”… Help me fix this please

It being a BETA you agreed to there being issues.

This issue is already known, you are more than welcome to clear your cache to revert BetterTTV.

What cache do I clear…?

Clear it all from the beginning of time, this site has instructions on how to do so.

[bad advice removed].

You cannot simply just do that, sorry. The storage formatting has changed going from v6 to v7, which is why it’s a one way street. While it may mostly work on a downgrade, you may corrupt some settings. I’ve changed your post to remove this bad advice.

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