BetterTTV auto-opening right sidebar?

BetterTTV seems to make it so that every time I load a channel or open either of the “browsing” pages, the right sidebar is visible. In channels, that’s the chat. On the browsing pages, it’s my followed channels. Without BetterTTV, Twitch remembers my settings for whether I had it open or not. There doesn’t seem to be an option to change this. Unless I missed it and it’s already there, the ability to choose between the right sidebar being always open, always closed or remember last position seems like a good feature. I would at least suggest restoring the default functionality because for someone like me who rarely reads chat this is pretty annoying.

I’m using Chrome with BetterTTV v6.8R44

This should be fixed. Thanks for the report.

In the future, bug reports should be posted on GitHub: