BetterTTV and OBSchat

Ok so i have a very simple question

Would it be possible to have your channels BTTV emotes in OBSChat if so how would I go about doing it? I feel BTTV emotes would be a six addition to the stream but I want the emotes to show of on the stream as well that way when I edit highlight it doesn’t look like my chat just went mental for no reason. Thanks for your time in responding to me <3

Hey TheWolfMan101,

I might be misunderstanding you but I think you’re asking about having your BTTV emotes show up on screen with our OBSChat overlay for CLR Browser and OBS?

If this is what you mean, our OBSChat supports BTTV Emotes. If I am wrong, can you please explain a bit better?

Vaughn Whiskey

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