- Suggestion: Be able to be logged into Twitch/YouTube at the same time

I triple stream to Beam, Twitch, and YouTube. I’ve been using Nightbot for over a year now on Twitch, and I was overjoyed to see Nightbot now available for YouTube. I just finished manually duplicating all my Twitch commands and timers into the YouTube section.

It would be nice if we could be logged into (in different tabs in the browser) both the Twitch portion of and the YouTube portion. I did try, but it didn’t work, alas, Nightbot beta site got rather confused and kept bumping me out to the login page.

Being able to be logged into both will make it much easier to coordinate starting and stopping of timers for my streams, as I have several that I change depending on what I’m streaming that day.

Unfortunately you can’t use multiple tabs of the same browser to login to the same website. This is the case for all websites utilizing sessions for authentication. You would need to use two different browsers or incognito mode /w non incognito mode in order to login to two sessions with the website.

Nightbot is not really designed to work for users running multistreams. In fact, this will become even more clear once we start adding new features that are site-specific to Twitch and YouTube. I really am not in favor of multistreaming, since it really just wastes bandwidth and divides any potential community you’re creating.

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