[Beta] Nightbot not recognizing channel Owner

We are using Nighbot beta and it seems that the broadcaster cannot use commands that are set to userlever Owner or Moderators. Moderators have no problem using Moderator only commands.

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What channel is this occurring for (so that we can take a closer look)?

Twitch channel “crank”. There is a command !mb which was set to “Owner”, it is currently on “Moderator” because we needed to use it for stream.

We’ve located the problem and have pushed a fix. Thanks.

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I’ve been having the same issue on my channel “noellembrooks” with Nightbot Beta not recognizing me as Owner. I had to make myself a mod on my channel in order for it to recognize me as a Moderator. I cannot use any commands I have set to “Owner”.

I just checked and it’s still not working.

It’s still not working because you’ve set yourself as a moderator. If you unmod yourself you’ll see the issue is indeed now resolved. I’m not particularly sure why Twitch even lets you add yourself as a mod. That sounds like a bug on their end, so you may want to report that as a bug to them.

In any case, the issue with mod overriding owner if you’ve added yourself as a mod will eventually be fixed when another restart is performed for the Twitch IRC relay. Unfortunately since this issue isn’t major it’s not worth restarting and rejoining thousands of channels (and suffering some downtime when that happens). Given that the relay code changes very infrequently, it could be weeks until the change rolls out.

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Thanks, unmodded myself and it works now!

Had this problem also upon removing myself as mod it worked Thanks :smiley:

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