[BETA] !game command issue

I have !game command enabled and set to only moderators. When I type !game Gaming Talk Shows the response I get is Rampage Knights. The problem is, the streamer I mod for hasn’t played that game in over a week. His current game is Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

What do you think the issue is?

If you are trying to change the game within chat, you must be a moderator. Nightbot cannot change the game if you’re not one.

If Nightbot is listing an old game, then that is because the Twitch API is returning the old game. Without telling us the specific channel, there’s little we can do to reproduce this issue.

I am a moderator in the channel.

Channel is twitch.tv/reckful

After looking at the commands list for that channel, someone created a “!game” custom command, which overwrote the default command. You can delete the custom command to restore the default command.

Ahhh. No wonder. I’ll have to go through and make sure there aren’t any other duplicates. I’m surprised I didn’t catch that. My apologies.

Thanks for the help.

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