Best practice to mute [Empty Response]

Is there currently any method or suggestions to mute the [Empty Response] chat line. I have a bunch of customapi url fetches that included php url parameters and in some cases for if statements i have empty responses because I don’t want to clutter the chat. Empty response is intended in this case and I don’t care for it to show up in chat. Thanks in advance

If it was me, I’d still put something in, just to know what the API was called correctly, or maybe just to let someone know what went wrong, or what they need to do to correct it. I don’t have any advice on getting rid of the [empty response] message though.

I do for when a response is necessary, but I have commands say for example i !give username 1000 points well if the username is incorrect obviously they are going to know because it’s not going to echo “Transferred 1000 points to another_user” i think its human understandable that they misspelled a username. but other scenarios i do have proper responses set. and just image if 40 people misspell a username simultaneously, it creates unnecessary clutter. thank you for the reply though. any suggests help.

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