Banning users in multiple chats

So, I wish to create a bot which can ban users in multiple chats. I was wondering if I would need 2 bots 1 custom one to coppy and paist commands or if this could all be done through nightbot. For example I would have the command “!banFromAll userName” which would get nightbot to ban a user from all chats I wish. I am aware that obviously you cannot just ban a user from someone elses chat so then the question comes as to how I could get another bot to paist this command inn another chat. Would I need to create a custom bot for this or is there some way that nightbot could perform this?
As a note this is not meant to be for bad intentions it is purely to ban people from multiple channels that are both my own and my friends.

No nightbot is not currently able to ban people from chat. You would have to create a custom bot to do that. Sorry, if this isn’t the response you were hoping for.

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