Banning of Twitch User when a valid complaint is processed

I’m starting this forum on behalf of a good friend & clan mate of mine

He’s well know to watchers of Quicky Baby on his stream & was involved in a game with Sir Foch
During this game he was lucky enough to score a direct hit & single shot Sir Foch’s tank in a Tier X match up, using artillery in the game. Feeling bad for doing this he logged into Foch’s live stream & apologised with a tip. When the message appeared he was treated to a stream of abuse & what can only be called poor manners by Foch.
Following this he requested a refund of the payment, as he felt this wasn’t fair treatment.
The refund was accepted by PayPal & credited back to him, which resulted in permanent ban from Twitch
On asking about why & what needed to be done this was the response received

The official reply from Streamtip:
Unfortunately there’s no way to be unbanned unless you unreverse the reversal. Refer to the terms you agreed to when sending a tip:
By sending a tip to this streamer, you affirm that you are the rightful owner of the funds being sent. Since tipping a streamer is voluntary and does not warrant any service in return, there are no refunds provided. Chargebacks, disputes, and any other form of payment reversal will result in a ban from Streamtip. For more information, read our entire terms of service.

Not only is this diabolical, it’s shows a total disrespect for Human Rights in the face of abuse
I wonder if this is a common occurrence, that needs reporting in Social Media on a larger scale.

It would be interesting to get a few from all persons involved in this forum amongst others, although I suspect this will be taken down before it gets that far

We do not have any give when it comes to upholding the terms which are agreed to when using Streamtip. Far too many people make up stories and we do not have the time to sift through them and make exceptions. We are strict in order to prevent people from abusing the system. You broke the terms you agreed to, and we now can refuse you service. That is all.

If you have an issue with the broadcaster you should take it up with Twitch, not us.