Ban a specific user from using !sr?

I’ve got a particular viewer of mine who loves to try and get my stream tagged for CR strikes while I’m playing music. Originally it was just a joke but he’s starting to press me doing it multiple times a night the last few streams. The rest of my chat is behaved enough about it but he’s kinda ruining it for everyone and making me have to stay on my toes since I’ll get pulled into matches for minutes at a time.

Anyway I can just bar/ban him specifically from using !sr without having to get drastic?

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Hey @revalissb!

You can overwrite the !sr command with a custom command that calls !songs request and filter their username in it:

!addcom !sr -a=!songs $(eval '$(user)'.toLowerCase() === 'LOWERCASE_USERNAME_YOU_WANT_TO_BLOCK_FROM_REQUESTING_SONGS' ? '' : 'request $(query)')

If you’re looking into blocking multiple users:

!addcom !sr -a=!songs $(eval ['username1', 'username2', 'usernameN'].includes('$(user)'.toLowerCase()) ? '' : 'request $(query)')

They’ll still be able to use !songs request, but if they don’t know about the command, this should prevent them from using it.

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