Badges seem broken

Certain badges seem to be broken in better twitch. Subscriber badges and the twitch prime badges are zoomed in. I’m currently using Win 10 chrome BTTV ver 6.9. The zoomed in effect on BTTV vs. how it’s supposed to look. Anyone else having this issue?

Got the exact same problem. Using Win 10+Chrome. In incognito mode without BTTV it’s working fine.

Same here. Windows 7 Chrome. Tried re-installing BTTV.


The badges are working fine for me, have you tried clearing your cache/cookies? Do you have chrome zoomed in or any other extensions that may be affecting twitch in some way?

Clearing cache and cookies does fix it but not worth it as it deletes all your login information for a temporary fix.

In what way is it temporary? Does the issue you were having come back?

Yes. Once I clear the cache the issue eventually comes back.

This issue is already fixed.

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