Badge for BetterTTV Pro Subscribers?

Badge for BetterTTV Pro Subscribers? I mean this could be a good idea to add, the only thing that I really benefit from BetterTTV Pro is the 5 personal emotes. Just subscribed today and I was very disappointed that there aren’t anything that shows you are a betterttv monthly subscriber. I want to support you guys, but I don’t really want to pay 4,75 € + over 1 € fee for 5 extra emotes. Thanks.

We kinda just want subscriptions to be lowkey. We don’t advertise it at all or draw attention to it. It’s just there if you wanna do it.

I understand. Maybe consider a optional badge which you could enable and disable for subscribers to show that you support BetterTTV?

Please? A badge that is disabled by default and you can turn it on and off.

As was stated, that goes against our ideals with the subscription (which is not to advertise or draw attention to it). We have enough subscriptions to pay the server costs. That’s all that’s cared about.

Damn… FeelsBadMan

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