Bad login error on Streamtip Alerter

Hi all. I’m relatively new to Streamtip, but when I did the initial setup I did not have this issue. Currently when I load the Streamtip Alerter it is showing “Bad login!”

When I select Settings, Configure and update my Access Token with the new one (I generated a new token just to be sure there wasn’t some sort of problem with the previous one) the boxes turn green which I assume means the information is accurate. The problem is, the Alerter itself doesn’t seem to be updated outside of the Settings page. When I close this page it still reads “Bad login!” There doesn’t appear to be a way to save this information on the Settings page either so I’m not sure how to get it to retain new data. I tried searching the forums but didn’t see this come up anywhere else. Suggestions? I’ve updated to the most recent client version to be sure it wasn’t an issue with an old client.

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