Bad Client ID or Access Token

Hey guys, Ive tried searching for similiar problems to this and couldn’t really locate any with the same issue.

Whats happening:

I’m using OBS and have used the repack CLR version. Everything went swimmingly for my follower alert - works perfectly everytime. The issue is with the donation alert. Using the tutorial video, everything sets up well and I add the host url into OBS. When I &preview=true, the sound works and for a brief moment the custom alert can be seen then it disappears and the following text is left ‘Bad Client ID or Access Token’

What ive attempted to resolve this:

  • I thought perhaps NightDev wasn’t able to use TwitchAlerts API - so attempted using StreamTip like suggested in the tutorial.
  • Ran StreamTip’s API access token and same issue occurred.
  • Reset StreamTip’s API token and retried - to no avail.
  • The png is definitely to the correct proportions (579x110) and as I said, the follower alert worked perfectly. There is no difference between the two templates except wording.

Hoping it’s a quick fix answer and that I’ve just not dotted an ‘i’ or crossed a ‘t’.


Make sure you are using the client id and access token listed on your account page at

Also be sure there’s not any preceding or trailing spaces when you copy and paste into the form.

Thanks for the quick reponse.

Have ensured no spaces and problem remains. Does nightdev only respond to SteramTip API codes? Is it possible to try another website to handle my stream donations to see if it continues.

If your computer is behind a proxy, check that your computer’s proxy settings are setup properly. Otherwise, I cannot see a reason why you’d be unable to authenticate with the API inside CLR Browser.

NightDev’s Visual Tip Alert project only works with Streamtip, and cannot be used with TwitchAlerts.

I have having the same problem and I tried using the API client ID and API access token and niether of those codes work… I also tried putting them together with no space and I still get this message. My PC is not running on a proxy. Could it be adblock? Please help!

Follow the instructions at Debugging the Streamtip Alerter (not the visual alerter)

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