Backup Playlist Questions

Hi all

I was wondering just “how random” the backup playlist actually is ? I have about 450 copyright free songs added to it, but the player doesn’t seem to be taking them totally randomly. Some songs seem to get played a bit too often.

Is there a limit to how many songs can be added ? or does it work better with fewer songs ? Is it possible to have a file on my own computer with the URLs of the songs for that stream, and upload them rather than the playlist have to be imported from Youtube maybe ? Any advice would be appreciated.

The playlist is only meant to be used when the song request queue is empty, so there’s not really much in terms of features. It is a random sort, but “random” when you have a finite set of tracks is going to produce repetition. This is unavoidable.

There’s a limit of 2k tracks, but if you just want to play random music I would recommend using a better tool than ours for playing music, like Spotify or some other actual music player.