Background Image

Sorry if I am being stupid here, but I have no idea how to use the CSS Editor. I want to add, instead of just a background color, an actual background image. I tried a lot of different guides, but none of them seemed to work. Apparently the CSS Editor in OBS Chat is a little bit different than the one that was shown in those guides, considering that I also have to type !important for the background color to have an effect. I would appreciate it if anyone could provide a string with this picture.

Why not add a image via “IMAGE” in OBS sources and then layer it behind the chat? If you have to make the image transparent of have a darker hue to it, all this can be done within a photoshop program (GIMP is free) and then add it to OBS and layer it behind the OBS chat.

that’s what I do, way easier then muckin up CSS

That’s actually a very good idea! Haven’t thought about that at all. I will probably use that idea for now, but if someone knows how to edit images into the chat via CSS, feel free to tell me!