AVG made me uninstall because apparently BTTV is a "poorly rated extention"

I don’t need a mod for this, just a random user. The extension only had a 2 star review, where do I go to give it 5 stars?
(Sorry if I’m an idiot)

The “rating” is not something we have control of, and is not a real rating at all. It’s a phony rating system they give to extensions based on how new an extension is and how often it is installed/uninstalled. No users actually rate the extension. Additionally, it’s ironic they bundle their own crapware browser extensions into their own software, but don’t classify them as poorly rated despite it being installed without user consent in the first place.

AVG and Avast are bottom-of-the-barrel antivirus software solutions. I suggest switching to something less garbage.

Well I also use malwarebytes but it doesn’t always pick up everything.
What would you recommend as a secondary free antivirus software? (If you say Norton Security you officially lose all of your credibility.)

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