Available for other usage, not only for stream?

Hello all, I am new to here.
I have my channels on Twitch and other websites.
I am glad to use these awesome tools or services by NightDev for my stream.
I wonder if it is available to use this donation/tip service for other usage too?
For example, donation/tip for something developed or created by me?

Many thanks to NightDev for everything they have done for streamers.

If that something you created is associated with Twitch or Hitbox, it might be something that would work out. Streamtip authenticates users with Twitch or Hitbox before allowing them to send a payment, so unless your users already belong to the communities it might be a barrier for them.

Thank you very much for your reply. (and sorry for my late reply)
I agree with that it may be inconvenient.
I just want to provide some ways for people giving donation.
I considered about Streamtip, ImRaising and DonationTracker.
And I think that all of these are good. :smile:

By the way, will the money retrieved from Steamtip trigger the donation problem in PayPal?
“Note: This button is intended for fundraising. If you are not raising money for a cause, please choose another option. Nonprofits must verify their status to withdraw donations they receive. Users that are not verified nonprofits must demonstrate how their donations will be used, once they raise more than $10,000.”

Streamtip sends money as a service, not as a donation.

I wonder if I can have the icon of Streamtip Alerter for creating a donation button? :smile:

The icon is more of a temporary icon. We are still ironing out an actual logo.

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