Automatically ban spam

Hi, I would like to automatically ban spam with Nightbot. Lately, there is a lot of spam and it is really annoying. They all have something similar in the message so if it’s possible to use a Regex or something similar it would be awesome. Here’s a copy of one of the messages

! ^ .RAF2-com # # # - Get ^Medieval-Twitch, Grey=Warwick and 5.000*IP from Riots !Refer#A_Friend on +RAF2-com + , . # , everything_is+worth $8 _ ! = . 12j

I tried to do the following : !addcom raf2-com .ban $(user)
Sadly, it only works if only type raf2-com and nothing else.

Thanks for the help :smile:

Edit : I found a way to automatically ban on words with the spam protection. However, is there a way to say any caracter (like in a regex)?

Example: (.*)raf2-com(.*)

Sadly due to possible abuse, you can’t have Nightbot run anysort of commands, with the exception of the !purge command. With an example here:

But luckily for you there is an option for spam control!

  1. Head over to The Nightbot Spam Blacklist Page
  2. Enter in the keyword to blacklist. Also note that you can use * to indicate wildcards (see below)
  3. Any user using the banned phrase will be punished.

This should do the trick so if a user enters in raf2-com at any part of the message they will be dealt with.

NOTE: Please make sure Nightbot is modded in your chat. It will cause you a lot less frustration like what I had to go through.

Wow thanks for the detailed reply! Question solved! :smile:

Is there a command to add ban phrases, or only from backend?

Currently because of how complex phrases can be, we only allow them to added or removed from the control panel. In the future you will be able to allow mods and editors to access your Nightbot control panel.

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