automated Sub-goal-count ?

Hey there, I’m trying to do an automated Sub-goal-count, so I tried :

!commands add !goal $(channel) is $(urlfetch$(twitch $(channel) "{{subcount}}")) subs before the give-away !

It returns :

(channel) is ??? subs before the give-away !

What am I doing wrong please? :confused:

I believe the math api you are using will return “???” if it couldn’t do the math. Which would mean it wasn’t getting a proper number from $(twitch $(channel) "{{subcount}}")) what is nightbot returning if you run a command with just that in the channel?

I found the answer :
$(channel) is $(urlfetch$(twitch $(channel) “{{subscriberCount}}”)) subs before the give-away !

The term was wrong, here it’s working just fine with : “subscriberCount” instead of “subcount”

ah yes, that would be it. I didn’t notice that at first glance

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