Automated goal count

Hi, I’m trying to make a command that automatically says how many more followers (streamer) needs to get to a number. I know how to do $(twitch night “{{followers}}”) but I need to partner it to subtract the number of followers from 2500 or another number. If anyone can help it would be a big help. I’m on the goal to be the best mod ever.

You can use this math API to accomplish something like this.

well thats cool but how would i make it do the two command for typing $(whatever the com is and !math 3000- (nuber of followers) that without the commas it autamaticly puts in there and to type (#) of followers neded to get to 3000 in one command

Here is a command that will do what you need, just copy and paste it:

!commands add !goal $(channel) is $(urlfetch$(twitch $(channel) "{{followers}}")) followers away from reaching the goal!

Here is the adding of and testing of the command:

If you need to change the number, change only the 2500 part of the url, the rest of it can stay and is able to be used across any channel.

Edit3: Nevermind, ehsankia has made the api work with comma separated numbers. He is awesome and this should work perfectly fine for the future.

it would be great if that would work but this streamer in doing this for has 2500+ follows and if we figure out how to do this I would like to make it go off every time someone follows and mabey make it say we hit are goal when he dos automatically.
EDIT1 actually “!commands add !goal $(channel) is $(urlfetch$(twitch $(channel) “{{followers}}”)) followers away from reaching the goal!” worked! thank you now all i have to do is make it say that every time someone follows.

You can actually thank the wonderful @ehsankia for making his api work with comma separated lists of numbers. I messaged him about it and he got it done very quickly.
:heart: Ehsankia

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