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So when i use nigthbot Autodj with Spotify and Soundcloud enabled I ran into an issue where the volume of soundcloud songs would be way too loud.

What i noticed, whenever a spotify song was played, the nightbot volume slider would move up to the same setting that was present in spotify. This setting would not go back down before playing a soundcloud song resulting in subsequent soundcloud songs being much too loud until I manually turn the slider back down.

Is there a way to prevent spotify songs from adjusting the auto DJ volume slider in the desktop application of nightbot?

Because the AutoDJ system is unable to set the volume of Spotify you may want to lower the volume in Spotify itself so it matches the AutoDJ’s

The issue is if i lower the slider to match AutoDJ’s the spotify songs are too quiet.

these levels sound close to the same volume.
Autodj 30%
spotify volume 60%

when listening to a sound cloud song the 30% value is playing, after a spotify song is queued AutoDJ changes it’s slider, even though it doesn’t effect spotify.

After a spotify song starts the levels change to:
AutoDJ 60%
Spotify 60%

Now if another soundcloud song beings playing it will be set to 60% volume instead of the initial 30% that was desired.

It sounds like you need to adjust the sound of your browser or spotify in the windows volume mixer. maybe try doing that first?

I have the same issue. I found this to be the case for when it switches to, not just soundcloud, but Youtube as well.

My previous post that had an open question in my last reply but got locked… AutoDJ volume changing when switching song source's platform

Do you have a video you can link demonstrating the problem?

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