AutoDJ volume changing when switching song source's platform

I couldn’t find an existing post or any solution via google for this.

I’m using the nightbot desktop app on an imac and every time the dj plays music that switches from one platform to another (eg. playing a song on spotify and next queued song is from youtube or soundcloud), the volume changes to really loud. It’s killing my and viewer’s ears plus the gameplay. To give an idea how bad, i’ll set volume to 3 and it’ll change to 30.

Even after I lower the volume, the next song platform change that happens doesn’t retain the volume and changes to loud again…for example, from youtube -> spotify -> youtube. The only volume that is retained is songs from spotify since the volume is taken directly from my spotify desktop app.

I’ve tried opening youtube and soundcloud websites in my browser and changing the volume there to hopefully make a retained volume for those specific sources but it didn’t work.

Thanks in advance for any help

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If this is happening with SoundCloud songs there’s nothing we can do to fix it. We try our best to set the volume, but if your computer is slow to load their player you may hear loud audio spike in. I’m not able to reproduce this locally, so I suspect that’s what is happening for you.

Thanks for the response. I created my own playlist with songs from Spotify only so there’s no soundcloud by default in there.

This issue makes itself most apparent when people add song requests from Youtube; which causes it to go from spotify -> youtube -> spotify at which point the volume will spike when it changes to Youtube. Is there a way to set the volume at which Youtube videos play from the nightbot app and have it retain that volume? Even when I change the volume in nightbot, the next time it does that switch again it reverts back to an ear-bleeding volume.

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