AutoDJ "Video cannot be embedded"

I use Youtube Playlists to collect songs I want to import into my Nightbot Song Request Playlist, which I then play using AutoDJ. This works fine.

Occasionally, however, AutoDJ produces a “Video cannot be embedded” error when attempting to play an item from the Song Request Playlist. I assume this is due to a localization issue or some such, which I understand.

My problem is that, since the Song Request Playlist is randomized when presented in AutoDJ, I can’t tell what Playlist item caused the error, so there’s no way to remove it from the Playlist.

Question: Is there (or can there be) a log of AutoDJ activity? This would help me find the offending Playlist item. Frankly, even if the “Video cannot be embedded” error would also include the name of the Playlist item that produced the error, that would be minimally sufficient.

Alternatively, is there a way for the list of Playlist items queued in AutoDJ to continue to display even after AutoDJ has moved to the next item? Currently, when an item is selected for play, it is simultaneously removed from the queue listing. Consequently, when an item produces an error, there’s no way to view what the offending item was.

I appreciate your time and attention. Please let me know if there’s a way for me to know which Playlist items are causing these errors in AutoDJ.


We don’t have a AutoDJ history log at the time, but I did extend the error message to include the track title.

Is there anything I need to “do” to get the new error message that includes the track title? For me it’s still working the same as before:

Thank you!

You may need to clear your browser cache, as you might be on stale code.

nvm, I see it. I had to log out from Nightbot, then log back in. Working as described with new error message.

Thank you very much!!

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