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AutoDJ Stopped Randomizing songs for Channel Playlist

It started happening the other day. My channel playlist just stopped randomizing songs and songs listed in the channel playlist actually changed order also. I have included a video to show exactly what is happening. Nothing is being randomized anymore and its odd.

I don’t know if it matters, but I currently have 960 songs in the channel playlist. Please assist when able, I appreciate it and love yall <3


Please see Auto DJ Having Issues where a Dev sort of answered this. They won’t say if or when shuffle will come back yet though which sucks. Shuffle is very badly needed with these playlists. It wastes so much time otherwise to not have a stale queue.


Thanks, I appreciate the reply! You have a wonderful day/night, kowalski_x!

Guess it’ll be a waiting game now I suppose. Hopefully they can implement something in the near future. And you thank NightDev for providing us these useful tools for free in the first place <3

I’m having the same issue. Made a reddit post but haven’t got any replies. Found this thread. Glad I’m not the only one having the issue. Didn’t want to have to purge my entire list! But it might work lol, haven’t tried it… yet.

I am also having this issue.