AutoDJ problems


My AutoDJ doesnt work and i have set everything back to normal tried so many times and tried all commands watch many toturials but non worked for me

plz help

Are you streaming from your pc? Is nightbot in your channel?

yes i do do it on pc and yes it is

This has been happening to me as well. Started on 9/7. Spotify not responding to commands in the Nightbot app.

Spotify issues are resolved by updating to the latest version:

Any issues with commands not functioning are due to setup issues on your end. Make sure Nightbot is joined, make sure it is not banned, make sure you’ve not ignored it in chat, make sure song requests are enabled from the AutoDJ page, make sure the !songs command is enabled and that its userlevel is set to “Everyone”

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i got the autodj to work with !sr just awesome. . .it doesn’t advance to the next song at times, but infrequently and some have told me its not nightbot but the source that has a bunch of dead air on the back end . . . no biggie :slight_smile: The issue i have that I can’t seem to get straight is my playlist not playing. . . a !sr from YT works cool but not from spotify. . . I turned off soundcloud as I dislike the majority of it >< I’ve been on discord and asking about, reading - watching vids - reading more and I apologize I’m old, slow, stoned and not too good with “software” coupled with a near Bermuda Triangle effect on technology :slight_smile: please halp! :slight_smile: btw, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this suite, between Nightbot & BetterTTV I’m a happy ogre most the time! so THX for all you endure and do!

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