AutoDJ + Playlist Suggestions

After some months of use I’ve notice a few things that I would really appreciate:

  • videos are initially added fine or tell you otherwise. But when streaming, after some time a song will at times have an error and will be skipped; As my playlist continues to grow it becomes harder to keep track of the dead links [whether removed from youtube or no longer embed-able]; I think it would be great to have an output file/log for links that have not worked at least once

  • part of the reason it is so hard to manage the playlist is because there is only one playlist; all the genres I would like to separate are all in one huge playlist. I looked this up on the forum and saw someone else was interested in it and I would just like to add I am also interested in multiple playlists [I know I can’t speak for everyone, but I do believe many people would want this feature]

  • I notice we have the ability to import playlists and having the ability to export playlists would be GREAT. A workaround for not having multiple playlists would be to export playlists yourself and then reimport them later. But overall I see this being really useful for curating your playlist even if you do have multiple playlists. [specifically exporting to youtube playlists might be asking much but it would be great as you can create playlists there and move a video from one to another]

  • lastly it took me a bit of time to realize how to promote songs, being that you promote songs by queue number. it would be nice to be able to promote songs by keywords/titles; at times I would like to bring up a song already in my playlist but it’ll be on some random page/number so if I were to even try promoting I would have to promote song number 93 and would not really have the time to track that down

Oh also I just wanted to note I don’t mean for this to be critical in any way [I just type in larger chunks than a lot of people to make what I’m saying clear, but it may seem overwhelming] I really love nightbot and just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CREATING SUCH A GREAT TOOL!!

In order

Videos are checked for “embed-ability” when a song is requested, after the link to the song is just stored.

Multiple Playlists don’t seem fit for a song request type system. If you want different genres of music perhaps just use a dedicated playlist service (YouTube, Spotify, etc).

Any changing of playlist should be done on the service in which you imported it. I can see it’s usefulness to export a new playlist but song request is a fairly temporary storage as the song is deleted once played.

Using a promote by ID is the best way to select a song with 100% accuracy as opposed to a search term.

Note: All of these suggestions can be added through the Nightbot API. So while they probably won’t be implemented for all native users it is possible to implement.

Thanks for the reply to clarify in order as well haha [sorry for the mutli topic post!]

  • its not really a problem that the link is just stored, but rather Nightbot will play the song and check for validity and realize it can’t and will then skip the song and show an error. I’m saying the error can be logged and we can then check later manually if the song(s) needs replacing

  • I didn’t think of it like that, but that makes sense. The thing is AutoDJ is both a request system and the default playlist, so when requests aren’t put in it would be nice to have multiple playlist as a feature

  • This once again goes into AutoDJ being both a request and default playlist.

  • Promote by ID for 100% accuracy makes perfect sense, but the thing is we have the option to Search for a song under playlist, but when under AutoDJ it is for the most part automated, so the thing is the search feature is already there, but it is not possible to search and find the ID number [maybe what I’m looking for more is not promote a request but rather promote a song already in your playlist so its not fully automated and you can have more control as to the song you want to play]

As for the note, thanks for the link to the Nightbot API, I’ll check it out [don’t think I can make any of these things on my own, but maybe there will be things in there almost exactly what I’m looking for and they’ll be easily enough implemented]

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