AutoDJ only playing 25 songs out of my playlist

I recently got a few more songs into my channel playlist on nightbot as it was annoying to hear the same songs over and over during quieter streams without many songrequests. But somehow AutoDJ will only play the same 25 songs out of my playlist over and over again, instead of playing all 29 that the playlist currently holds.

My playlist shows 29 entries in the personal playlist site, but when I switch to the AutoDJ it only shows 25. The 4 “missing” songs used to be played when I had less songs in the playlist but were later “replaced” by the new songs, so they shouldn’t be blocked or anything. They just disappeared from the AutoDJ site while still being listed in the playlist itself. When I add or delete songs from my playlist the count in AutoDJ just always stays 25 songs, unless I delete enough for the total number of songs being less than 25 in my channel playlist.

Is that some kind of limit that nightbot has on the AutoDJ? The queue lengh is set on 88 as a limit, so that shouldn’t be the problem. I can’t find anything about it on the app or online. It would be weird for the AutoDJ to only be able to play 25 songs, as a usual song is around 3 minutes long, so the playlist would be repeated several times in a stream with fewer viewers that don’t request songs.

I’m aware that nightbot isn’t meant to replace your iTunes or other actual music libraries, but I wouldn’t want to have another program running my personal playlist to ensure my viewers don’t get bored by hearing the same songs repeating after roughly an hour and having to stop said program and turn on the nightbot autodj everytime someone wants to request a song.
Sure, Nighbot wouldn’t store a playlist of 300 songs for you, but 25 seems like an extremely low number for an part of the app that’s meant to keep your stream running smooth between the songrequests.
Also it wouldn’t make sense to be able to add over 25 songs into the playlist but once it’s played in AutoDJ some of the songs just won’t show up anymore.

Long story short: Why can my AutoDJ only play a number of 25 entries of my playlist and randomly kicks out older songs when I add new ones, to maintain the number of entries on the AutoDJ site on 25? Is that a usual limit for your personally requested songs that AutoDJ just had and that’s never clearly mentioned, or am I just blind to not find this limit of the feature? Can I change something to make the number just a little higher, couse 25 is a really low number.

If it can’t be changed I’d actually have to think about just disabling song requests to play music on another app to keep the stream interesting even when there’s no song requests at the moment, but that would decrease the interaction with the viewers drastically :frowning:

The AutoDJ queue only shows the first 25 songs that will play and pull from the playlist as needed. It should also be mentioned that the queue selection is randomized so having only 4 new songs will lead to repeats. Also Nightbot can store beyond 300 songs, which will reduce repeats when randomized.

So if I understand that right it was just by chance that it had been the same 4/29 songs that had been left out of the AutoDJ in the last few streams, the queue is stocking up on random 25 songs out of my playlist everytime I close and open nightbot? Or is it enough to just close and open the AutoDJ window? o:

If either of that is the case I can live with the repeats during on stream, I’ll just get a few more songs and hope the songs that just never got selected during my last few streams will get their chances to shine sooner or later :slight_smile:

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